Application Timeline

Please note that all information and dates provided on this page refer to the 2014 JET Program and do not apply to the next application cycle. Updated information for the 2015 JET Program will be available in fall 2014.



Interested individuals can sign up to receive alerts/updates when new information about the 2014 JET Program becomes available. Visit the 2014 Updates page to sign up. Please note that the information in these alerts only pertains to American citizens applying to the 2014 JET Program. Information gathered will be used solely for the purpose of updating interested applicants and will not be considered during the application review phase.




JET Program representatives visit college career fairs and hold on-campus information sessions. This is an opportunity for applicants to learn more about the Program from alumni who have experienced life on JET Program and can answer questions about the application process. Check the Calendar for listings of career fairs or information sessions near you.




Updated information becomes available on the JET Program website regarding the 2014 JET Program application. In particular, information regarding required documents is posted to the Required Documents page. Applicants are highly encouraged to begin gathering these items once the updated forms have become available.



The 2014 JET Program Application is now available. To apply, visit application page. To receive any annoucement from the JET Program Office, sign up for 2014 Updates. Applicants should carefully read all instructions when applying.


December 3, 2013

Deadline has passed

Please note that this is NOT a "post-marked by" deadline date. A complete package of all application materials must be mailed or hand-delivered to:

JET Program Office
Embassy of Japan
2520 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008

Applicants should carefully read all instructions regarding submission of the 2014 JET Program application. Please note that applications cannot be submitted to any Consulate-General of Japan, they must be received by the JET Office at the Embassy of Japan in Washington, DC.



Applications will be processed and checked for completeness. Any incomplete applications will be disqualified. Qualified applications will be read and reviewed at the Embassy during December 2013 and January 2014.

Applications are processed in the order in which they were received. Upon processing, the JET Program will send a confirmation card to each applicant. The confirmation card confirms receipt of your application in the mail. Be sure to include a standard-sized self-addressed envelope with postage inside your application package, with your correct mailing address, in order to receive the confirmation card.

Due to the volume of applications received the JET Office WILL NOT answer phone/email inquiries regarding whether an application was received during initial processing. If you did not receive a confirmation card in the mail, please contact the JET Program Office after January 10. Applicants are strongly encouraged to purchase delivery notification when mailing applications, as this is the best way to confirm the application was received.



Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications received, we cannot interview all applicants.

By early February, the Application ID Numbers of applicants who are selected as interview candidates will be announced on this website.  (The Application ID Number appears on the printed application in the upper right hand corner. The Application ID Number is also noted on the confirmation card.) Applicants who pass to the interview stage will then be contacted by the coordinator at their requested interview location.

Only those applicants who are invited to interview will be contacted at this stage. Those who are not contacted and who do not find their ID number on the list of interview candidates which will be posted on this website did not receive an interview.




Applicants who pass the initial screening will be interviewed at the one of the designated US interview locations. A list of these locations is available here. Applicants may choose their preferred interview location in the application. Please note, the interview location CANNOT be changed once the application is submitted, so select your interview location carefully. Detailed information about interviews will be sent to the selected interview candidates by the JET Program Coordinator for that interview location.

IMPORTANT: US applicants MUST interview at one of the designated US locations. Interviews at a location in Japan, in the Japanese Embassy or Consulate of a foreign country, or interviewing by phone, are NOT permitted. All transportation costs and other expenses to and from the interview site are to be borne by the applicant.



Regular Departure Candidates: Early-Mid April
Early Departure Candidates: Late March-Early April 

Final interview results will be announced to successful, unsuccessful, and alternate candidates in early-mid April. Alternate candidates will be upgraded as needed, until the end of December.

Short-List Candidate: Applicants who pass the interview stage of the screening process at the Embassy or one of the Consulates receive notification that they have been selected to participate and are scheduled for placement.

Alternates: Applicants who pass the interview stage of the screening process but are not selected for the short-list. Alternates will be upgraded when short-list candidates decline positions or withdraw from the Program. Therefore, the number of alternates who are upgraded depends on the number of short-list candidates who decline postings in a particular year. The JET Program upgrades alternates on an as-needed basis through the summer and fall.

Participants: Short-list candidates who agree to participate by sending in their Reply Forms and for whom contracting organizations (placements) have been selected.



Regular Departure Candidates: May-June
Early Departure Candidates:
Late March-July 

Once a short-list candidate accepts a position and sends in the Reply Form, CLAIR, along with related organizations, will assign the candidate to a contracting organization (see Terms & Conditions). After a contracting organization is selected, short-list candidates will be notified of their placement assignments.* An unofficial Notice of Appointment, Terms and Conditions of Employment, and other materials, will be sent from the contracting organization to the participant. Please note that individuals who withdraw from the 2014 JET Program after being notified of their placement will be disqualified for the 2014 JET Program and the 2015 JET Program.

Early Departure Candidates are typically notified of their selection and placement simultaneously. Early Departure candidates who turn down their placement are disqualified for the 2014 JET Program regular departure and the 2015 JET Program.

*If it becomes clear that there is some factor restricting a short-list candidate’s ability to fulfill the duties of the job or if a contracting organization cannot be found for an applicant, placement may not be possible. If it is determined that the factors which hindered the candidate’s ability to perform the duties of the job no longer exist the following year, the candidate will not be required to complete an application form if he or she still wishes to re-apply to the JET Program. Determination for these protocols is at the discretion of the JET Program Office.




Regular Departure Participants: Short-listed participants and upgraded alternates will be required to submit:

(1) FBI Criminal Background Check
(2) Certificate of Health, signed by a licensed, practicing physician
(3) Proof of US Residency from the IRS (forms 8802, 6166)
(4) photographs for visa application, and
(5) proof of graduation (if graduating between the time of application and July 2014).

Alternate candidates will also need to begin the process for their FBI Identification Records and Proof of US Residency in April, if they intend to remain on the wait list. Details on these requirements and additional pre-departure preparations will be provided to participants by the Embassy and each Consulate in the spring.

Early Departure Participants: Participants will be contacted by their interview consulate regarding additional required documentation. Due to the short time period between the results announcement and departure for Japan, candidates will have a narrower window in which to submit necessary documents.


DEPARTURE: April-August*


Regular Departure Participants: JET participants typically depart in late July or early August. Specific information for the 2014 JET Program has not yet been made available. For a list of interview/departure locations, click here.

Early Departure Participants: Early Departure JETs can be selected to depart at any time between April 2014 and July 2014. There is typically 4-5 weeks of preparation time between notification and departure for Japan.

*Alternate candidates can be upgraded at any point between April 2014 and December 2014. If upgraded in early summer, they will typically depart with the regular July/August groups. If upgraded later in late summer, applicants may be sent on an individual basis. Alternates upgraded after the regular departures typically have 4-5 weeks of preparation time between notification and departure for Japan.