Types of Positions and Duties

There are three types of positions offered by the JET Program. ALTs make up approximately 90% of JET Program participants, while CIRs account for approximately 10%. The application cycle for these two positions takes place in the fall and applicants must choose to apply for one or the other position (one individual cannot simultaneously apply for both positions*).

The number of SEA positions is extremely limited and is filled by a separate application process. No SEAs have been selected from the United States in recent years.

Assistant Language Teacher (ALT)

These participants are engaged in language instruction. ALTs are placed mainly in local boards of education or public junior and senior high schools. There may be a very limited number of cases in which the participants are placed in private junior and senior high schools through the prefectural offices or designated city offices.

ALT applicants do not need TEFL/TESL certification or other education credentials, although these are beneficial.

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Coordinator for International Relations (CIR)

These participants are engaged in internationalization activities. CIRs are placed in offices of local government authorities or related organizations.

CIR applicants must have a strong command (semi-advanced to advanced level) of the Japanese language. Please use this chart to rate your ability before considering applying for the CIR position.

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Sports Exchange Advisor (SEA)

SEAs promote international exchange activities through certain designated sports. They are generally placed in sporting facilities or boards of education from which they assist in sports training. Please note that there are currently no SEA positions available for U.S. citizens.

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