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U.S. Embassy, Japan
Press Release: 2006 Image of Japan Study in the U.S. (08/29/06)
Deployment of US PAC-3 to Kadena (07/20/06)
Japan-U.S. Summit Teleconference (07/10/06)
Japan-US Summit Meeting
- Japan U.S. Summit Meeting: The Japan-U.S. Alliance of the New Century (MOFA Website) (06/30/06)

Prime Minister Visits the United States
(Prime MInister's Office Website) (06/30/0
Visit by Prime Minister Koizumi (White House Website) (06/30/06)
Welcoming the Prime Minister of Japan (Department of State Website) (06/29/06)
Exchange of Notes: Japan-U.S. Cooperation on Ballistic Missile Defense (06/26/06)
Exchange of Notes: Transfer of Arms and Military Technologies to the U.S. (06/26/06)
Teleconference between Mr. Taro Aso, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Dr. Condoleezza Rice, United States Secretary of State (06/13/06)
Message of Vice-Minister Ito on the Occasion of the 67th Black Ship Festival (05/22/06)
Senior Vice-Minister Shiozaki to Visit U.S. (05/09/06)
"Working Together for a Stable and Prosperous East Asia: Lessons of the Past, a Vision for the Freedom to Dream"--Address by Foreign Minister Aso Taro at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C. on May 3rd, 2006 (05/04/06)
Japan-U.S. Security Consultative Committee (2+2 Meeting) (05/02/06)
Foreign Minister Aso to Visit U.S., Belgium and Lithuania (05/01/06)
Extension of the Basic Plan of the Anti-Terrorism Special Measures Law: Japan Decides to Continue to Dispatch JMSDF Vessels to the Indian Ocean in order to Support International Efforts to Fight against Terrorism (04/27/06)
Foreign Minister's Speech at the Woodrow Wilson School (04/07/06)
Australia-Japan-U.S. Joint Statement: Trilateral Strategic Dialogue (03/20/06)
Foreign Minister to Visit Australia (03/17/06)
Address by Vice-Minister Ito: Joint Japan-US Commemorative Ceremony of the Batte of Iwo Jima (03/13/06)
Visit to Japan by Japanese American Leadership Delegation (03/10/06)
Visit to Japan of U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Zoellick (01/19/06)
Foreign Minister Taro Aso to Visit Okinawa (11/18/05)

Japan-US Summit Meeting
Ambassador Schieffer Reflects on Bush-Koizumi Summit (Asahi Shimbun article) (US Embassy, Japan Website) (11/22/05)
Japan-US Summit Meeting
President Bush Discusses Freedom and Democracy in Kyoto, Japan (White House Website) (11/16/05)
- President Bush and Prime Minister Koizumi Discuss Strong Relationsh
ip (White House Website) (11/16/05)
President Bush with Prime Minister Koizumi of Japan (Department of State Website) (11/16/05)

U.S. Major League Player Tadahito Iguchi of the White Sox Pays a Courtesy Call on Prime Minister (11/15/05)
Meeting of the Ambassador, Consuls-General of Japan and Japanese American Leaders (11/04/05)

Japan-US Security Consultative Committee Meeting (2+2)
- Unprecedented Steps for Strengthening the U.S.-Japan Alliance (11/30/05)
- Security Consultative Committee Document
"U.S.-Japan Alliance: Transformation and Realignment for the Future" (10/29/05)
- Security Consultative Committee (Sep. 2000 - Present)
- Remarks with Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, Japanese Minister of State for Defense Ohno, and Japanese Foreign Minister Machimura (Department of State Website) (10/29/05)
- Rice, Rumsfeld, Japanese Ministers Review Security Alliance (US Embassy in Tokyo Website) (02/31/05)

Remarks to the Press in Tokyo, by R. Nicholas Burns, Under Secretary for Political Affairs (US Department of State Website) (10/26/05)
Japan-U.S. Strategic Dialogue (Senior Officials' Level) (10/25/05)

The Embassy of Japan Teams Up with First Book to Aid Hurricane Survivors (10/21/05)

Senior Officials' Meeting of Japan-U.S. Strategic Dialogue and Japan-U.S.-Australia Security Dialogue (10/19/05)
Visit to Japan: President Bush of the U.S.A. (10/18/05)
Crew of Space Shuttle Discovery Pays a Courtesy Call on Prime Minister (10/04/05)
U.S. Relations With Japan (US Department of State Website) (09/30/05)
Ambassador Schieffer participates in Shimoda Black Ship Festival (US Embassy, Japan Website) (05/24/05)
Japan's Global Strategy and the Japan-US Global Partnership (05/03/05)
Congressional Hearing Focuses on 'A Changing Japan' (US Embassy, Japan Website) (04/21/05)
Ambassador J. Thomas Schieffer: Statement on his Arrival in Japan (US Embassy, Japan Website) (04/08/05)
"Sakura"- Cherry Blossoms- are on the way (03/24/05)
Press Secretary's Statement: Nomination of the new US Ambassador to Japan (01/25/05)
CNN Broadcasts Live from Tokyo: Prime Minister Koizumi Sings Elvis Presley (12/17/04)
Advanced Placement Course in Japanese Language and Culture (11/12/04)
Comment of Prime Minister Koizumi on the Re-election of President George W. Bush as President of the USA (11/04/04)
U.S. to Provide $100,000 More for Niigata Earthquake Victims (US Embassy, Japan Website) (11/05/04)
Ambassador Baker Authorizes Disbursal of $50,000 to Aid Earthquake Victims (US Embassy, Japan Website) (11/05/04)
Remarks by Secretary of State Powell at the Signing of the U.S. Participation in the Aichi, Japan 2005 World Exposition (Department of State website) (09/16/04)
1,442 Young Americans Depart for Japan on the JET Program (07/28/04)
The 2004 Image of Japan Study in the U.S. [Press Release] [Summary] (07/15/04)
Statement by Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi on the Passing of Former President Ronald Reagan of the United States of America (06/07/04)
Ambassador Baker extols US-Japan ties in Koizumi Cabinet E-Magazine (US Embassy, Japan Website) (03/25/04)

Signing of a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty between Japan and USA (08/06/03)

Joint Press Statement on Road Construction in Afghanistan (09/12/02)

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