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The Strategic Landscape in U.S.-Japanese Relations (Remarks by Lincoln P. Bloomfield, Jr., Assistant Secretary for Political-Military Affairs, Nikkei-CSIS Forum, Tokyo, Japan, 12/16) (Department of State Website) (12/22/04)
Japan's Minister of State for Okinawa and Northern Territory Affairs Koike Visits Washington (12/16/04)
"The U.S.-Japan Relationship in 2004" (Remarks by Ambassador Baker at Japan National Press Club, 12/14) (U.S. Embassy, Japan Website) (12/15/04)
"U.S.-Japan Relationship Continues to Grow in Importance" (Remarks by Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage) (U.S. Embassy, Japan Website) (12/03/04)
The Importance of U.S.-Japan Critical Infrastructure Protection Cooperation (Remarks by Lincoln P. Bloomfield, Jr., Assistant Secretary of State for Political Military Affairs) (Department of State Website) (12/01/04)

America and Japan: A Common Vision (Remarks by Mitchell B. Reiss, Director, Policy Planning Staff) (Department of State Website) (12/01/04)

Japanese Minister of State for Defense Ono's Visit to Washington (11/29/04)
Japan-U.S. Summit Meeting (11/20, Santiago, Chile)
- Japan-US Summit Meeting (12/03/04)
- Bush lauds Koizumi's "clear vision" at Japan-U.S. Summit Meeting (11/20 Santiago, Chile) (11/23/04)
- Bush, Koizumi Discuss Strong Dollar, North Korea, Iraq (U.S. Embassy, Japan Website) (11/22/04)
- Remarks by President Bush and Prime Minister Koizumi of Japan After Bilateral Meeting  (Department of State Website) (11/22/04)
Governor of California Schwarzenegger's Visit to Japan (State of California Website) (11/15/04)
Telephone Conversation between PM Koizumi and President Bush (11/8) (11/09/04)
Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security Bolton's Visit to Japan (Department of State Website) (10/29/04)
Secretary of State Colin L. Powell's Visit to Japan
- Japan-U.S. Foreign Minister's Meeting (10/24, Tokyo) (10/27/04)
- Secretary Powell’s travel to East Asia
(Department of State Website) (10/25/04)
- Remarks with Japanese Foreign Prime Minister Machimura (Department of State Website) (10/24/04)
- Notice to the Press
(Department of State Website) (10/16/04)
Deputy Secretary of State Armitage's Visit to Japan
- Remarks at Iraq Donors Conference (Department of State Website) (10/14/04)
- Press Conference in Tokyo
(Department of State Website) (10/13/04)
- Remarks to the Press Following Meeting
(Department of State Website) (10/13/04)
- Remarks to to the Press after MOFA Meeting
(Department of State Website) (10/12/04)
- Armitage to Visit Japan during Iraq Donors' Conference (U.S. Embassy, Japan Website) (10/07/04)
Press Statement: Deputy Secretary of State Armitage's Visit to Japan
(Department of State Website) (9/30/04)
Foreign Minister Machimura's First Visit to the U.S.
- Remarks with Secretary of State Powell
(Department of State Website) (10/07/04)
- Press Release
- Foreign Minister Nobutaka Machimura to Visit the United States of America and Vietnam (10/07/04)
Finance Minister Tanigaki's Visit to the U.S. (10/05/04)
Japan-US Summit Meeting, and Prime Minister Delivers Speech at the UN General Assembly (09/24/04)
Japan-U.S.Summit Meeting (9/21, NY) (09/23/04)
Press Conference Following the 59th Session of thre UN General Assembly (09/23/04)
Foreign Minister's Visit: The United States (09/17/04)
Under Secretary of State Bolton's Visit to Japan (U.S. Embassy, Japan Website) (07/26/04)
Meetings held by Prime Minister Koizumi and Foreign Minister Kawaguchi with Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs Rice of US (Summary) (07/15/04)
Japan-U.S. Subcabinet Economic Dialogue (07/09/04)
Japan-U.S. Foreign Ministers' Meeting (7/1, Jakarta) [Summary][Press Release] (07/06/04)
Japan-U.S. Strategic Dialogue Meeting, 6/28, Washington DC (07/02/04)
G8 Sea Island Summit
Japan-US Summit Meeting (Summary) (06/18/04)
Prime Minister Koizumi Announced Japan's Full Support for US Policy on Iraq  (06/14/04)
Sea Island Summit 2004: Final Press Conference by Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi (06/11/04)
Third Day of the G8 Summit (06/14/04)
Second Day of the G8 Summit (06/11/04)
First Day of the G8 Summit (06/10/04)
Remarks by the President and Prime Minister Koizumi of Japan in Photo Opportunity
 (Department of State Website) (06/08/04)
G8 Foreign Minister's Meeting
Meeting Between Foreign Minister of Japan and Secretary of USA (Summary)  (05/26/04)
Foreign Minister Kawaguchi announced Japan's Assistance for the Palestinian Authority at the G8 Foreign Minister's Meeting (05/21/04)
G8 Foreign Ministers' Meeting (Summary) (05/21/04)
Finance Minister Tanigaki attended the Pre-Summit Finance Ministers' Meeting (05/26/04)
Japan-U.S. Summit Telephone Call (05/19/04)
Minister for Public Management, Home Afairs, Post & Telecommunications Aso's Visit to the U.S.(Consulate General of Japan in New York Website) (05/10/04)
Treasury Under Secretary Taylor's Visit to Japan (U.S. Embassy Website) (05/07/04)
Vice President Cheney's Visit to Japan
- Japan Welcomed Vice President Cheney
Prime Minister Meets with Vice President of USA (04/13/04)
- Remarks by the Vice President at the Washington Post-Yomiuri Shimbum Symposium  (04/13/04)
Visit to Japan: Vice President of USA  (04/02/04)
Prime Minister Throws the Ceremonial First Pitch at the Major League Opening Match (03/31/04)
Visit to Japan of Mr. Tommy Thompson, Chairman of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria (Secretary, US Department of Health and Human Services) (03/19/04)
Exchange of Opinions Concerning WTO between Foreign Minister Yoriko Kawaguchi and United States Trade Representative Robert Zoellick (02/19/04)
Deputy Secretary Armitage Travels to China, Mongolia and Japan (Department of State Website)  (01/28/04)
Japan-US Summit Teleconference (Summary)  (01/08/04)
Meeting Between Prime Minister Koizumi and US Special Presidential Envoy Baker (01/05/04)
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