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Foreign Minister Taro Aso Visits the U.S.
Foreign Minister Taro Aso to Visit the U.S. (12/02/05)
- Mr. Taro Aso, Minister for Foreign Affairs, to Visit the United States of America (12/01/05)
Japan-US Summit Meeting
- Ambassador Schieffer Reflects on Bush-Koizumi Summit (Asahi Shimbun article) (US Embassy, Japan Website) (11/22/05)
Japan-US Summit Meeting
President Bush Discusses Freedom and Democracy in Kyoto, Japan (White House Website) (11/16/05)
- President Bush and Prime Minister Koizumi Discuss Strong Relationsh
ip (White House Website) (11/16/05)
President Bush with Prime Minister Koizumi of Japan (Department of State Website) (11/16/05)

Japan-US Security Consultative Committee Meeting (2+2)
- Unprecedented Steps for Strengthening the U.S.-Japan Alliance (11/30/05)
- Security Consultative Committee Document
"U.S.-Japan Alliance: Transformation and Realignment for the Future" (10/29/05)
- Security Consultative Committee (Sep. 2000 - Present)
- Remarks with Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, Japanese Minister of State for Defense Ohno, and Japanese Foreign Minister Machimura (Department of State Website) (10/29/05)
- Rice, Rumsfeld, Japanese Ministers Review Security Alliance (US Embassy in Tokyo Website) (02/31/05)

Visit to Japan: President Bush of the U.S.A. (10/18/05)
Minister for Foreign Affairs Machimura's Visit to U.S.A.(follow-up) (09/15/05)
Minister for Foreign Affairs Machimura's Visit to U.S.A. (09/14/05)
Telephone Conversation between Koizumi and Bush (09/13/05)
Japan-U.S. Foreign Minister's Meeting (7/28, Washington) (08/01/05)
Rice, Japan's Foreign Minister Discuss U.N. Reform, Beef Safety (US Embassy, Japan Website) (08/01/05)
Foreign Minister's Visit: U.S. and Singapore (07/19/05)
Secretary Rice's Trip to East Asia (US Department of State Website) (07/14/05)
Secretary of State Rice pays a courtesy call on Prime Minister (07/13/05)
Press Availability with Japanese Foreign Minister Nobutaka Machimura (US Department of State Website) (07/12/05)
Japan-U.S. Foreign Ministers' Meeting (6/23, London) (06/27/05)
Foreign Minister Machimura to meet with U.S. Secretary of State Rice (06/22/05)
Japan-U.S. Foreign Minister's Meeting (5/2, Washington, DC) (05/05/05)
Japan's Global Strategy and the Japan-US Global Partnership (05/03/05)
Foreign Minister Machimura's Visit to New York, Washington DC and Paris (04/27/05)
Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress of Japan Visit Saipan to Pay Tribute to War Victims (04/27/05)
Japan-U.S. Foreign Minister's Meeting (3/19, Tokyo) (03/22/05)
Secretary Rice to Visit Japan (US Embassy, Japan Website) (03/11/05)
Telephone Conversation between Bush and Koizumi (03/10/05)

Japan-US Security Consultative Committee Meeting (2+2)
Remarks with Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and Japan's Foreign Minister Machimura and Defense Minster Ono (Department of State Website) (02/24/05)
- 2+2: Japan and U.S. Discuss Security (02/23/05)
- Rice, Machimura Call on North Korea to Rejoin Talks (US Embassy, Japan Website)
Joint Statement: Japan-US Foreign Ministerial Meeting on North Korea (02/22/05)
- Joint Statement: US-Japan Security Consultative Committee (02/22/05)

Telephone Conversation between Bush and Koizumi (02/03/05)
U.S., Japan share challenges, ideal friendship (speech by Ambassador Baker in the International Herald Tribune/Asahi Shimbum, 1/21/05) (US Embassy, Tokyo Website) (01/21/05)
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