Communication Through Abstractions Extended Hours


Japanese E-gasuri Textiles
Thursday, September 27th - 5-7pm
JICC Auditorium

Come meet Ann Marie Moeller, the curator of this exhibit, during the special extended viewing hours and discover the unique world of e-gasuri textiles. The curator will be available from 5:30pm until closing.

E-gasuri is a Japanese textile produced from a resist-dyeing technique which was wide spread in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Before the fabric was woven, the e-gasuri artisans bundled together the threads, portions of which were covered with dye-resistant materials. When the fabric was woven, the dyed and undyed portions of the threads created a specific pattern, resulting in a striking image with blurred outlines. These blurred outlines were a valued part of the e-gasuri aesthetic. Certain artisans further abstracted their subjects, distilling them into very simple forms. 

This exhibit explores how e-gasuri artisans communicated wishes for longevity and happiness with highly abstracted images. The two dozen textiles from Japan on display include futon (bedding) covers, single panels from futon covers, and kimono. Old e-gasuri is increasingly difficult to find today in Japan. The exhibit provides a unique opportunity to examine rare, hand woven textiles produced with great skill and labor intensive methods, which were decorated with symbolism and artistic inspiration.  

The exhibition is free and open to the public. No registration required.

Due to the nature of this exhibition, the JICC requests that visitors refrain from taking pictures of these artworks.

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