Life is Beautiful


Sumi-e Art by Yoshiko Oishi Weick
Monday, February 8 - Friday, March 18

“I constantly believe that
Nature is beautiful,
Life is beautiful,
Love is beautiful.”

– Artist Statement

Sumi-e is the ancient form of Japanese ink brush painting. It is rooted in the philosophy of not only capturing the image of the subject, but also its spirit and liveliness. Balance, rhythm and harmony in sumi-e brush strokes evoke the life and poetry of nature.

Following her last exhibition at the JICC in 2008, Nature is Beautiful, local artist Yoshiko Oishi Weick returns to share her passion for nature and life through her sumi-e artworks. Even in the city, she finds the life and beauty of nature in parks and streams. From the bare tree of winter or the green bud of spring to the fruit of summer and the majestic colors of fall, Ms. Oishi Weick strives to bring the living, breathing nature around her to life through her brush.

About The Artist:

Yoshiko Oishi Weick



Yoshiko Oishi Weick is a local D.C. artist. She lives with her husband, Robert J. Weick, and has two daughters living in Japan. Ms. Oishi Weick has studied Sumi-e since 1980, and her works have been displayed in galleries and exhibitions around the world, including in New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, and Paris. She has been teaching sumi-e around the Washington D.C. area since 2009.



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