Item & Video Loan

The JICC has a selection of Japanese items available for loan free of charge to residents of the Washington D.C. Metro Area. (Please contact your local Consulate-General of Japan if you live elsewhere.)

Please note all items must be picked up and returned in person - we cannot deliver items by mail.

A few of the items available for loan include:

  • Kendama, Daruma Otoshi, and other assorted toys
  • Flags
  • Fake food
  • Tea items (limited)
  • Kamishibai Storybooks
  • Happi
  • Yukata
  • And more...

Many of these items are in limited supply and in high demand, especially smaller sizes of happi and yukata. We will try our best to accommodate loan item requests, but please kindly note that we may not always be able to meet your request due to our limited stock.

We also offer informational videos called "Japan Video Topics" for loan. These videos cover topics ranging from culture, to sports, to tech and economics. A complete list of the JICC's informational videos available for loan can be viewed here.

Please contact us if you have any questions or are interested in borrowing items.