The information listed below only applies to standard entry procedures and does NOT apply to the entry procedures under COVID-19 restrictions. Currently, all foreign nationals are required to obtain a visa (except for those who have a valid re-entry permit). Please read "For people who plan to enter Japan from the United States" for more information.



Transit visas are issued to aliens proceeding through Japan to another country. Activities are limited to sightseeing, leisure, and rest.


Required Documents

  1. Applicant's valid passport, properly signed by bearer.
  2. VISA APPLICATION FORM TO ENTER JAPAN (available here), completely filled out and signed by the applicant.
  3. One photograph (2" x 2") attached to application form
  4. Flight itinerary issued by travel agency or airline company (We advise you not to purchase your airline ticket until the visa is approved.)
    Applicants intending to use write-your-own or companion ticket must present applicant's (or qualifying airline employee's) Employment Verification letter from the airline company, explicitly authorizing the applicant to use the ticket.
  5. Visa for the next destination (if required) to be visited after Japan must already be in the passport at the time of application.
  6. If stay in Japan exceeds one night: Proof of sufficient funds (e.g. most recent U.S. bank statement, travelers' checks or letter of guarantee from friend/relative in Japan)
  7. U.S. "green card" (clear copy acceptable) or re-entry visa to the U.S. must be presented if applicant has an intention to return to the United States. Students on a F-1 U.S. visa must present endorsed I-20 form. Exchange Visitor on J-1 visa must submit endorsed DS-2019(IAP-66) form.
    Please note that in principle the Embassy of Japan in Washington DC does NOT accept an application from B-1 and B-2 U.S. visa holders. Those holders need to return to their home country in order to apply for a visa to enter Japan.


The Embassy of Japan reserves the right to request additional documents if deemed necessary.


The Embassy of Japan will not make copies, if you need original documents, please bring the original and one copy.


Please allow roughly one week, at least four business days, to have your application reviewed.