Educational Programs

Please note that the JICC is located at 1150 18th Street NW, Washington, DC, NOT the Embassy of Japan

Pictures from Education Programs including Yukata, Military Academy, PARO the Robot and Etiquette Lessons

The JICC Educational Program is designed to give visitors a fun and informative introduction to Japanese culture and traditional practices. Since 1981, our multi-faceted program has introduced thousands of elementary (3rd grade and up), middle, and high school students to Japan. We also offer tailored sessions for university students and adults who want to improve understanding of Japanese culture and customs, as well as learn proper business etiquette before traveling to Japan. TThese programs are free to the public by reservation request, making them great for school field trips and groups interested in learning about Japanese culture and etiquette.

Experience Japan in Washington DC through:

  • Video: a captivating introduction to Japan provided by the Japan National Tourism Organization
  • PowerPoint: an overview of the country's history, traditions, and everyday life
  • Authentic Artifacts: a presentation of a Japanese wedding kimono, authentic dolls, and other objects

Get hands-on experience with Japanese culture:

  • Try on yukata (casual cotton kimono) and happi (festival coats)
  • Enjoy traditional games
  • Learn traditional Japanese manners & etiquette
  • Learn simple Japanese phrases
  • And more!

To request an Educational Program:

  1. Download the Registration Form (Word file) and fill it out completely
  2. Email the completed form (as an attachment) to the Educational Program Coordinator Ms. Julia Ford
  3. Await a reply and retain the confirmation letter as it contains important information and directions to the JICC

For classes unable to make the trip to the JICC, we do consider off-site visits on a case-by-case basis.

Please note that the JICC does not offer educational programs on weekends and that we are unable to accept reservations more than three months in advance.

Please direct all educational program-related inquiries to Ms. Julia Ford: | 202-238-6900 | 202-822-6524

Embassy Adoption Program

The Embassy Adoption Program is an educational program operated in partnership with the Washington Performing Arts Society and the District of Columbia Public Schools. The Program pairs embassies with fifth- and sixth-graders for a year-long immersive global education, creating a "bond" between local and international communities.

The JICC works with teachers and liaisons throughout the year to organize classroom sessions, cultural immersion programs at the JICC, and field trips for hands-on experience with Japanese history and culture. Often, our classes get to meet diplomats, heads of state, and special embassy guests. They also learn traditional Japanese games, songs, clothing, food, and more, in conjunction with the long and vibrant history of the relationship between Japan and Washington D.C.

The program culminates in a final class presentation at the Residence of the Ambassador of Japan, and a mini-United Nations with other EAP schools.

During the 2016-2017 EAP program, the JICC worked with the fifth-grade class from Seaton Elementary School. During our first visit, TABLE FOR TWO USA taught the students how to make onigiri, or Japanese rice balls, a favorite snack for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Throughout the year, students and Embassy staff discussed a variety of topics: Japanese geography, traditional arts, Japanese school life, and more. They learned to sing Kimigayo, the Japanese national anthem with the U.S. Army Voices, played kendama, a traditional Japanese ball and cup game, practiced scenic calligraphy, and even used their practiced calligraphy to fold an origami kimono.

Embassy Adoption Kids from Seaton Elementary with Embassy Staff holding projects including Koinobori Kites and Calligraphy Kimono

We look forward to welcoming and working with our EAP groups every year. To learn more about the EAP program and how to apply, please visit the District of Columbia Public Schools website.

Educational Resources

In addition to on-site presentations, the JICC offers a wide variety of resources to educators. We have Japan-related videos, traditional clothes, and objects available for loan, as well as a large selection of free informational pamphlets.

Please visit our About Us page and Publications page for more information on our free printed materials, and our Item Loan page to see our videos and artifacts available for loan.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. We look forward to seeing you soon!