s3 JICC - Embassy of Japan, Washington DC | Bento Contest 2020

The JICC is pleased to announce in combination with our JICC Gourmet series, a JICC Bento Design Contest.

The first event of our JICC Gourmet series, J-Film: Bento Harrassment, follows a mother who, in order to connect with her teenaged daughter, begins designing elaborate bentos both to annoy her and for her to enjoy. Following that theme, we look forward to you submitting the bento that you make! The bento does not need to be incredibly large or elaborate, simply a creation of your own design that express your creativity.

Please note that the first place winner must reside in the United States in order to receive the physical prize. Those from outside the US will not be considered for first place, but can still enter and potentially be featured on our website and social media.

For official rules and how to enter, click here.

Contest Winners

1st Place: Maya H. and Keiko A. H. - Video Conferencing 2020

2nd Place: Michelle (@thedreadpirabbit) - Meatloaf and Mashed Potato Bunny Garden

3rd Place: Hannah H. (@hhindel) - Dog Inari Bento

Ken E. C.

Honorable Mentions

Adriana B. - Under the Sea

Adriana B. - Who's the King, Who's the Boss

Aichin J. - Marine Life

Cricia L. - Kimo-ben

Cricia L. - Tulip Garden

Kevin K. - Butahime and Kaeru

Kira B. and Michie B. - Washington Monument and Cherry Blossom Branches

Tamaki L. - Hanami Bento

Fumiko G. - Flower Garden

Nancy M. - JASWDC Logo Bento

Nancy M.


Deadline: Designs must be received via Instagram or email (jicc@ws.mofa.go.jp) by August 12 at 5:00 PM EST.

Eligibility: The contest is open to the public.

Regulations: You may submit up to two (2) entries. We have been given permission to allow use of the characters and images from the movie Bento Harrassment for this contest. Otherwise designs must be the contestant's original artwork, not taken directly from any manga, or anime, a website, or other image or artwork protected by copyright. Any designs suspected of plagiarism or copyright violations will be disqualified without notice.

Submissions: Designs must be received via Instagram by tagging us at Japanembdc or via email at jicc@ws.mofa.go.jp. Your bento image can be one that you've made in the past. Your submission should include

  • Name
  • State and Country
  • Brief description of the bento

Personal information of minors will be restricted when published and destroyed within a month of publication. Parental or guardian consent is required for children under the age of 13. Please see our privacy policy, linked at the bottom of this page, for more information.

First place winner,runner ups, and honorable mentions will be featured on the JICC website and social media. Only first place is eligible for a physical prize.

Questions & Comments: For questions, comments, and rule clarifications, please email the JICC at jicc@ws.mofa.go.jp.