Close-Knit | 彼らが本気で編むときは、 J-Film


Presented by JICC, Embassy of Japan and Japan Commerce Association of Washington, D.C., Inc.

Winner of Special Jury Award (Berlin International Film Festival, 2017), Best Picture (QCinema International Film Festival), and Best Feature Film (Queer Lisboa, 2017)

Fifth-grader Tomo lives a chaotic life with her mother Hiromi in a messy apartment with overflowing trash cans. One day Hiromi abandons Tomo to chase after a man. Finding herself all alone, Tomo heads for the home of her uncle Makio. This isn’t the first time Tomo had to go and stay with her uncle. However, this time he’s living with his beautiful girlfriend, a transgender woman named Rinko.

Welcoming Tomo into their home, Rinko gives Tomo the familial warmth she never got from her own mother, and showers her with affection. Though a little hesitant at first, Tomo comes to trust Rinko, which in turn makes Rinko’s wish to cherish and protect Tomo grow even stronger. Although they may not officially be a “family,” the playful and heartwarming time Rinko, Makio and Tomo spend together teaches them the preciousness of life and the true meaning of happiness.



Naoko Ogigami studied film at University of Southern California. After receiving commercial and critical success with Kamome Diner (2006) and Glasses (2007), her film Toilet (2010) garnered her the 61st The Rookie Award of Art Encouragement from the Education Minister of Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs. Her most recent films include Rent-a-Cat (2012) and Close-Knit (2017).

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