EuroAsia Shorts 2017 Film Festival

Presented by JICC, Embassy of Japan, Alliance Française de Washington DC, and EuroAsia Shorts Film Festival

A selection of short films from Europe, Asia, and the United States screened at embassies and cultural centers throughout Washington, D.C.

The theme for EuroAsia Shorts 2017 is Truth. We might wish the truth were always simple, but in reality it rarely is. Each of us must reconcile our public persona with our true self in private. How true are we with others in our daily lives? Does censorship foster truth, or hinder it? And when we fail to live up to the truth—through infidelity, lies, or being untrue to our own self—what do we do? The truth can vary from person to person, let alone one culture to another, and yet we all struggle with it. Wherever it leads, we seek it. The festival will begin on June 5th and finish on June 9th.

Japan & France
Thursday, June 8th - 6:30pm

  • Flying phosphorus and shooting stars
    Japanese with English subtitles | Not Rated | 15 min | 2015 | Directed by Akiko Okumura

    The film is made up of short scenes based on strange, even fantastical events, experience by people I know. Some of these are verbally recounted, others re-enacted. The narrative begins with an interview with a Japanese lady aged seventy who, as a child, used to spend every day watching the will’o’the wisp forming in her home village. She says the will’o’the wisp has stopped appearing in the village, and that the folklore has disappeared along with it.

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  • Oh Lucy!
    Japanese with English subtitles | Not Rated | 21 min | 2014 | Directed by Atsuko Hirayanagi

    Setsuko, a 55-year-old single 'office lady' in Tokyo, is given a blonde wig and a new identity, “Lucy,” by her young unconventional English instructor. “Lucy” awakens desires Setsuko never knew she had. When the instructor suddenly disappears, Setsuko must come to terms with what remains – herself.

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  • Aïssa
    French with English subtitles | Not Rated | 8 min | 2014 | Directed by Clément Tréhin-Lalanne

    Aïssa is Congolese and is presently residing illegally on French territory. She claims to be a minor however the authorities believe she is over 18. In order to establish whether or not she can remain in the country a doctor must give her a physical examination.

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  • The Thing about the Morning After (Le Truc du Lendemain)
    French with English subtitles | Not Rated | 9 min | 2016 | Directed by Denise V. Powers

    The morning after a first night spent together reveals some disconcerting surprises for Matthieu and Sophie. Accusations fly and expectations collapse as old wounds are reopened and a vision of a more complicated future presents itself. Who will emerge the wiser from this difficult conversation?

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There will be a panel discussion following the films on Thursday, June 8 screenings at the JICC.

Please note that all films are unrated.

Closing Night - All Countries + U.S.A.
Friday, June 9th - 6:30pm
Embassy of Italy

  • Blowing in the Wind
    China | 2016 | 11 min | Directed by SONG Jun
  • Homework
    Germany | 2016 | 7 min | Directed by Annika Pinske
  • Ramil Might be Outside (Timora Talli Apuera Si Ramil)
    Philippines | 2013 | 8 min | Directed by Roberto Oquias Jr.
  • Duellum
    Spain | 2015 | 10 min | Directed by Javier Marco
  • Alain
    Italy | 2016 | 15 min | Directed by Daniele Pace
  • Blind Spot
    France | 2007 | 3 min | Directed by Johanna Bessière, Nicolas Chauvelot, Olivier Clert, Cécile Dubois-Herry, Yvon Jardel, Simon Rouby
  • Recruit Rhapsody
    Japan | Not Rated | 7 min | 2012 | Directed by Maho Yoshida
    This short animation is about post-university job hunting. A very ordinary college student finds that her friends have recently begun to behave strangely; it turns out they are in the throes of “job-hunt fever.” Without ever figuring out what it is really all about, the protagonist finds herself, too, sucked into the vortex of job recruitment Japanese style.
  • Frogman
    USA | 2015 | 15 min | Directed by Tyler Trumbo

Please note that all films are unrated. The finale screenings will be followed by a reception.

There will be a discussion panel after the screening on Friday, June 10 screenings at the Embassy of Italy.

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