EuroAsia Shorts 2018 Film Festival

Presented by JICC, Embassy of Japan, Istituto Italiano di Cultura Washington DC, and EuroAsia Shorts Film Festival

A selection of short films from Europe, Asia, and the United States screened at embassies and cultural centers throughout Washington, D.C.

The theme for EuroAsia Shorts 2018 is WomenWorldWide. Women often face particular challenges to having their voices truly heard. More and more women are now telling stories as filmmakers, artistic creators, and as individuals, shaping the conversation and influencing how society as a whole understands and confronts the world's many challenges. This year's festival looks at the uniqueness and universality of women's experiences, contributions, and perspectives in all aspects of life. To all women, be they artists and family members, professionals and visionaries, everyday people and extraordinary heroines -- it's time the world paid attention. The festival will begin on June 4th and finish on June 8th.

Japan & Italy
Wednesday, June 6th - 6:30pm

  • Bellissima (Beautiful)
    Italian with English subtitles | Not Rated | 2015 | 12 min | Directed by Alessandro Capitani

    Veronica is twenty years old and is imprisoned in a huge body. During a disco party she suffers the joke of a boy. Desperate, Veronica hides in a club bathrooms believing that inside no one else can see her. The fate, however, has in store a pleasant surprise for her.

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  • Ping Pang
    Japanese with English subtitles | Not Rated | 2016 | 15 min | Directed by Yoichi Tanaka

    A young table tennis player lives alone, plays alone. She travels to the ping-pong club at night alone. A chance encounter with a criminal slowly begins to change her life.

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  • Arianna
    Italian with English subtitles | Not Rated | 2017 | 13 min | Directed by David Ambrosini

    Arianna, a young and brilliant transexual lawyer is ready to deal with an interview for the job she desires. Now, after a long self-acceptation path, the only thing she needs is a job that would permit her to be independent and have a normal life.

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  • okaasan (mom)
    Japanese with English subtitles | Not Rated | 2018 | 18 min | Directed by Kana Hatakeyama

    Guilt, old resentment, distance, loss, and love simmer quietly in this story of a mother and a daughter set in rural Japan around New Year’s Day.

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Please note that all films are NOT rated. Some films may contain language or adult themes.

Following the screening on June 6, there will be a discussion with panelists from both countries. Participating panelists include:

  • Dr. Stefania Lucamante, Ordinary Professor of Italian and Comparative Literature, Catholic University of America
  • Dr. Anri Yasuda, Assistant Professor of Japanese Language and Literature, George Washington University

The discussion will be moderated by:

  • Barbara Valentino, Principal of Evolving Communications

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