EuroAsia Shorts Film Festival

The Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC), Embassy of Japan is pleased to once again participate in the EuroAsia Shorts film festival!EuroAsia Shorts proudly presents a selection of short films from Europe, Asia, and the United States screened at embassies and cultural centers throughout Washington, D.C.

The theme is men, women, and the challenges of relating to one another. In both familial and romantic relationships, as well as society in general, it is not always easy to connect, communicate, and truly live in happiness and harmony across the sexes. This year's selection of films explores that universal struggle and the underlying thought processes of men and women from different countries. Each evening's screening will serve as a springboard for a lively discussion following the films.

The complete schedule is available at

Tuesday, June 7th - 6:30pm


  • Summer Bookmobile
    Japan, 2009, 23 minutes
    Director: Lisa Takeba

    When a boy who has never seen the ocean comes across a bookmobile and discovers a letter tucked in a book, he decides to go and save the girl who lives by the ocean... if only he can find the courage. A summer fairy tale of dreams.

  • Peeping Life
    Japan, 2009, 5 minutes
    Director: Ryouichi Mori

    A girl has bought new clothes for her date, but her boyfriend doesn't seem to appreciate it. Is this the beginning of a lovers' quarrel?

  • The World's Most Beautiful Dictionary
    Japan, 2011, 8 minutes
    Director: Lisa Takeba

    For a woman who is blind, a man creates a beautiful Braille dictionary.

Friday, June 10 - 6:30pm

Embassy of Italy

  • Googuri Googuri
    Japan, 2010, 9 minutes
    Director: Yoshiko Misumi

    For a granddaughter, her grandfather is at times like a mountain, at times like a tree, at times like an ocean; her thoughts take wing on her endless imagination. "Googuri Googuri" is a made-up word, a secret shared by a girl and her grandfather.

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