The Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC) and the Japan-America Society of Washington DC (JASW) are pleased to announce the winners of our Autumn 2015 Haiku Contest. Held from September 21st through November 21st, the autumn-themed contest attracted 590 haiku submissions from participants living in more than 30 countries. This annual haiku contest was established as a way for English-speaking poets to express themselves through haiku. The results, beyond being captivatingly beautiful, demonstrated a true flowering of this traditional Japanese art form as it is interpreted by many different cultures.

For more information, please see the JICC press release.

Contest Winners

Heike Stehr

Paul M.

Mark E. Brager

dying leaves
all the things
we didn't get told

chrysanthemum pots
I tear the last check
from the checkbook

counting my coins
at the all-night laundromat . . .
November rain

Honorable Mentions

my sister's hair
the trees
in autumn

Autumn noon;
Shadow of the ladder
changes its wall.

paddy field...
the moving hands
of a scarecrow

-John Michael G. Londres

-Himanshu Vyas

-Malintha Perera

curling leaves
you turn your face up
to the sun

setting sun-
the field silenced
crow by crow

harvest moon holding my first grandchild

-Debbie Strange

-Rita Odeh

-Holli Rainwater