Message in a Vase with David Komeiji

Presented by JICC, Embassy of Japan

In celebration of our current exhibition (Blossoming Flowers in Japanese Art and Poetry), the Japan Information & Culture Center is proud to welcome Master David Komeiji, of the Saga Goryū (嵯峨御流) School, for a demostration talk on ikebana.

This year’s spring exhibition explores the expressions of flowers in art and poetry by masters and student artists alike. This collaboration brings to life the spirit of ichigo-ichie, or “a once-in-a-lifetime meeting.” This four-character idiom encourages us to cherish each fleeting moment and encounter, just as we cherish flowering blossoms before they fade. While surrounded by art and poetry that demonstrates how flowers resonate within us all.

Ikebana (生花; rough translation "giving life to flowers") is a Japanese art of flower arrangement with a long history. There are numerous schools of ikebana, each with their own ideals and expressions. This event will focus on the Saga Goryū School of Ikebana. In the Saga Goryū school, the aim is to add visual and spiritual pleasure to daily life. To achieve this, the school teaches the techniques of floral decoration as well as the skills to recognize the sophisticated beauty of flowers and their artistic value.

“Message in a Vase” will walk us through how flower arrangements can be tools for communication. Komeiji will delve into the multi-layered nature and nuances of Japanese culture and language in conjunction with the Saga Goryū school. This presentation will encourage us to consider philosophical ideals of focus, awareness, universal connectivity, and our roles in creating a peace-focused world.

Join us for this “once-in-a-lifetime meeting” to explore the concepts and meanings that can be communicated through ikebana.

David Komeiji

David Shunkō Komeiji (古明地俊光) is the current leader of the Ikebana Saga Goryū-North America Branch. He has achieved the current status of Soumokudai (総目代) and is the the highest ranking practitioner in the U.S.

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