Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2016 Film Festival

Presented by JICC, Embassy of Japan and Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia

The JICC and SSFA is proud to present an evening of short films by some of the most talented and exciting filmmakers in Japan! This program features dramatic and comedic works from the the 2016 Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia.

This Japan-born, Academy Awards® accredited festival is one of the largest film festivals in Asia. It was started by actor Tetsuya Bessho, a native of Japan and a SAG member, with the aim of introducing Japanese audiences to short films – a format that many people in Japan were unfamiliar with. The first festival was held in the Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo in 1999, and 6 short films made by George Lucas (known best for the “Star Wars” series) when he was a student were screened. We have since received a letter of support from the director each year.

In 2001 the festival became known officially as Short Shorts Film Festival (SSFF), and in 2004 was accredited as a qualifying festival for the annual Academy Awards®.

Furthermore, Short Shorts Film Festival Asia (SSFF ASIA) was established with support from Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 2004, to introduce new Asian video culture and to nurture young filmmaking talents from the region. To this day, the two festivals are held together as Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia. Aside from the three categories in the Official Competition, there are competitions and programs comprised of “music,” “environment” and “CG animation” related shorts.

As the festival expands its activities in Japan in order to spread the word of short film, it will also continue to support young creators and act as a springboard into the world of film.

For more information about the festival, please visit the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia website.

  • Tokyo Cinema Ensemble
    Japan | 2015 | 5 min | Promotional | Directed by Geon Kim, Kaitlin Tinker, Kaiyu Chang, Kristof Deak, & Pia Shah
    Five amazing directors from Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia collaborate to make a captivating film about the exciting city of Tokyo. Footages shot across the city are collected into one short film, Tokyo Cinema Ensemble.
  • Shabu Shabu Spirit
    Japan | 2015 | 10 min | Comedy | Directed by Yuki Saito
    A fiancé, Keita, goes to meet the family, the father, Shozo, begins his secret appraisal – a test to see whether this fiancé is worthy or not of marrying his daughter. Trying to reduce the distance between them, the mother prepares a single nabe (cooking pot) for the shabu-shabu meal. As Shozo’s eyes glint brightly, Keita reaches towards the shabu-shabu
  • Everytime We Say Goodbye
    Japan | 2016 | 7 min | Drama | Directed by Kenji Qurata
    When a childless wife is diagnosed with terminal cancer, she and her husband embark on a journey to find Tsuchinoko, a legendary Japanese snake. As the seasons pass by, the loving couple cherish their precious moments with a lot of laughter.
  • absence
    Japan | 2015 | 10 min | Drama | Directed by Dai Yoshida
    Two strangers sit beside each other on a bench. When he asks her for the time, a curious conversation begins. Slowly, she grows drawn to his magnetism, but she was supposed to be on a mission...
  • That’s No Meaning
    Japan | 2015 | 16 min | Drama | Directed by Hiroto Hara
    Nana searches for something to cheer her father up, and comes across a Japanese comedian, Yoshio Kojima. Of all things, she decides to perform his signature gag, “there is no meaning.” Unsurprisingly, this doesn’t make her father feel any better. Then one day, a miracle falls upon her.
  • Octopus
    Japan | 2015 | 24 min | Drama | Directed by Isamu Hirabayashi
    On set for a commercial, an actress is overcome with a stomachache after eating forbidden octopus. With her stuck in the bathroom, the production is left with a furious client, nervous producer, and a chaotic set.
  • Lies
    Japan | 2015 | 25 min | Drama | Directed by Yuji Mitsuhashi
    English teacher Chieko, mother-of-one Mikako, and new novelist Shoko; a group of three women who tell lies. What would they find in the end?

Please note that all films are unrated. Viewer discretion is advised.

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