Tremble All You Want | 勝手にふるえてろ J-Film


Presented by JICC, Embassy of Japan and Japan Commerce Association of Washington, D.C., Inc.

Winner of the Tokyo Gemstone Award for Best Actress

Yoshika, a 24-year old office clerk, is in her tenth year of unrequited love for Ichimiya (‘Ichi’, or ‘One’), a fellow student in middle school. Now ‘Two’, a persistent fellow worker, asks her out. As no one has ever done this before, she is pleased, but their relationship does not seem to catch fire. This cannot be said for the futon in her apartment, which bursts into flame from contact with an electric heater. The fire is extinguished, but her brush with death makes her determined to see the Ichi again, and she sets to work organizing a reunion of classmates who by and large don’t remember her at all.

Obsessed with her imaginary ‘One’, and timid with regard to the real ‘Two’, Yoshika struggles to find herself, torn between fantasy and reality, and between what she really wants and what she really doesn’t. Vivacious in her own mind, drab to the outside world, Yoshika is the heroine of a true romantic comedy for the present day.

Starring Mayu Matsuoka, Daichi Watanabe, Anna Ishibashi, Takumi Kitamura

This film contains strong language and some adult thematic content.



Akiko Ooku, graduated from Meiji University. After spending her life as a TV personality, she started career as a filmmaker. Her directorial debut was Igai to Shinanai (1999), and well known for Tokyo Serendipity (2007), Tokyo Nameless Girl's Story (2012), Tadaima, Jacqueline (2013), Monster, and Fantastic Girls Deeree Girls (2014). Tremble All You Want is her third time working with Mayu Matsuoka.

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