Japanese Soul Art Exhibition

Shodo Art Exhibition

Presented by JICC, Embassy of Japan

Shodo Master Koki Sugita has been practicing shodo (Japanese calligraphy) since 2005, when he lived in a shrine in an attempt to understand the true nature of the Japanese spirit. There, he discovered the living soul and heartbeat of Japan, which he then made the focus of his art, striving to depict it in his works.

Mr. Sugita creates his works using primarily natural resources currently available in Japan, such as tatami, wood, and fabric. His work is a unique style that combines the values of the ancient art of shodo with those of pop and modern art. With performances in 90 countries, the evolution of his work is quickly attracting attention to this young artist.


March 2007

  • First Solo exhibition (indies ART club, Nagasaki)


  • Dedication shodo performance at Doinokubi Oyamazumi Shrine (Nagasaki)
  • Performance at Nagasaki Brick Hall (Dance Express, Nagasaki)
  • Traditional art performance at Kumamoto Castle 400 Year Grand Festival


  • Relocated to Dazaihu City, Fukuoka.


  • Performance at West Japan Import Fair (Fukuoka)
  • Kato Feeling Art Ballet guest performance (Fukuoka)
  • Solo exhibition (Ueki Paper Shop, Yamaguchi)


  • Special performance of Okawa Ryunosuke at National Bunraku Theater (Osaka)
  • Interior design work at Sushi Sasabune (Hawaii)


  • Group exhibition (Gallery Oishi, Fukuoka)


  • Solo exhibition (Izutsuya, Kitakyushu)
  • Group exhibition (Kokura Castle, Kitakyushu)


  • Solo exhibition “Breath of Letters” (the bridge, Oita)
  • Solo exhibition “To Know One Has Enough” (CAFE &, Fukuoka)
  • Japan Marvelous special live performance at Kaho Gekijyo Theater (Iizuka)
  • Solo exhibition “KOTOTAMA” (J-LABO, Brooklyn, New York)


  • New York Live Perf (Brick Hall, Kitakyushu)
  • April-July: Exhibition inside Sushi of Gari (New York)


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