About the Exhibition

A story of a country can be read in its cities, and no city in recent years has better expressed Japan’s success story than Tokyo. Today, most visitors find Tokyo to be one of the most advanced cities in the world. Displays of progressive architecture and cutting-edge fashion abound in Tokyo. This exhibition examines Tokyo’s evolution in this integral pair of aspects of urban life, Architecture and Fashion from 1964 to the present, and beyond. In presenting this exhibition to coincide with Tokyo’s second hosting of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, we hope that Tokyo Evolution shows the audience what a city can accomplish in 50 years, and the even brighter future awaiting it.

Table of Contents

• Introduction: Architecture in Tokyo
• Metabolism / Modernism: 60s-70s
• A New Wave: 80s
• The Lost Decade: 90s
• Communities & Sustainability: 00s-20

• Introduction: Fashion in Tokyo
• Looking Abroad for What to Wear: 60s-70s
• The Bubble and Burst Economy: 80s-90s
• How to Wear Anything: 00s-10s
• Tokonoma JICC

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