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Japan Now

Japan Now is the official email newsletter of the Embassy of Japan. It features current topics in Japanese politics, economy and society, as well as Japan-related information from around the U.S.

Japan Now was a print newsletter until the summer of 2005, but is now published as email newsletter. You can sign up to receive these newsletters, as well as updates on upcoming events, above.

Limited Publications

During COVID-19, the JICC is produced various limited newsletters. One features online events and activities related to Japan, another is a film retrospective, featuring films previously shown at the JICC that can be streamed online and other individual newsletters covering topics of interest such as sake.

Arts & Culture

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Film Retrospective

May 2020 Film Newsletter

April 2020 Film Newsletter

June 2020 Film Newsletter

JICC Gourmet

Gourmet: Bento

Gourmet: Umami

Gourmet: Sake

Special Topic Newsletters

An Interview with Tokiya Japan

Outside Publications

The JICC is fortunate enough to be able to offer a variety of free Japan-related publications, in both digital and print mediums. Although we are unable to mail these publications out, they are available at the JICC. If you are looking to request free materials for any Japan-related inquiries, please check our Brochures section.

Other than Japan Now, we have several publications available for pick up at the JICC, including Niponica, Washington DC's Sakura Newspaper, the Japan Times, and more.


Niponica is published quarterly and introduces modern Japan through insightful articles and stunning photographs. It covers a wide range of topics in Japanese culture, travel, history, art, nature and daily life, and is a great resource for teachers looking to introduce Japan to students.

The most current Niponica issue available at the JICC is No.33 "Journey Through Japanese Literature". We also have several back issues available upon request.