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  • 12/10: For our Animezing this month, come join Momo as she uncovers the mysterious connection between an unfinished letter from her father and her new island home in this beautifully hand animated film A Letter to Momo!
  • 11/17: The JICC is now accepting submissions for our fifth annual Nengajo Design Contest until December 15! We look forward to seeing all your designs! Click here for rules
  • 11/21: Come and visit “Time of Eve”, a café where humans and androids are treated equally in our Animezing this month: Time of EVE: The Movie!
  • 11/19: With parts made in Japan just who is this “modern man”? Find out in our November J-Film: Robo-G!
  • 11/5: Join the JICC for an evening of fun and games, literally, as we present an introduction to the traditional game shogi!
  • 10/30: Our Animezing is “Wolf Children”: the story of a mother raising her wolf children in a rural town.  For this Halloween screening we invite guests of all ages to come in costume and trick-or-treat with the JICC!
  • 10/24: In celebration of World Origami Days, the Japan Information and Culture Center, in partnership with OrigamiUSA and Green Fuse Films, is proud to present Origami Fun Night.
  • 10/8-11/3: Submit your haiku for our haiku competition by 9am on November 3 to enter.
  • 10/15: For our J-Film this month we present the hauntingly beautiful Ugetsu: a ghost-story and fable of ambition and obsession.
  • 10/1: The JICC & the Japan-America Society of Washington DC (JASW) invite you to a moderated discussion of haiku as written in Japan and the United States.
  • 9/25: Our shodo exhibit by Koki Sugita begins with a live performance and exhibit tour.
  • 9/19: This month we head to Fukushima prefecture and meet an Aizu storyteller in the documentary film Ikitekoso!
  • 9/17: Come enjoy a panel about space exploration, with special guest, astronaut and former International Space Station (ISS) Commander Koichi Wakata!
  • 9/2-12: Join us for a week of films celebrating the beauty and culture of the Okinawan islands!
  • 8/27: Inspired by one of Japan’s most popular songs, this month’s J-Film, “Tears for You (Nada Sou Sou)” takes you to Okinawa in this touching story of two siblings.
  • 7/24: Take a journey through time and space with our animated shorts in this month’s Animezing: “Voices of a Distant Star” and “Short Peace”!
  • 7/16: Come and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hokkaido in our J-Film this month, Jin Jin!
  • 7/10, 15, 17: Join us for story time with Kamishibai paper theater, a traditional form of storytelling that has delighted Japanese children for generations.
  • 7/1: A bonus screening of Studio Ghibli's From Up On Poppy Hill will be offered on Tuesday for anyone who missed Friday's showing.
  • 6/27: Start your summer off with Studio Ghibli's From Up On Poppy Hill, this month's Animezing.
  • 6/18: Our June J-Film, Always: Sunset on Third Street 3 is a contemporary nostalgia piece that captured the hearts of Japanese audiences.
  • 6/10: Come visit Ippakutei, the Embassy of Japan's tea house!
  • 6/4: This year's EuroAsia Shorts festival includes Oscar-nominated short, Possessions, as well as work by Akira creator, Katsuhiro Otomo. Come by for the show!
  • 5/28: May's Animezing, 5 Centimeters Per Second is a story of love and loss by auteur, Makoto Shinkai.
  • 5/22: Our month-long exhibition of artist Setsuko Ono's work begins with a lecture.
  • 5/14: As part of a month of shinkansen-related offerings at the JICC, we will once again screen I Wish (Kiseki).
  • 5/3: The Embassy of Japan will be opening its doors once again for Passport DC. Come out and see demonstrations of Japanese technology, art, music, food, and more!
  • 4/30: Animezing brings you Colorful, the story of a wayward soul getting a second chance.
  • 4/24: One of the most beloved characters in Japanese cinema, Tora-san, makes his JICC debut this Thursday in It's Tough Being a Man
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  • 4/10: Our exhibit of Contemporary Japanese Ceramics opens. It will include works by a national living treasure of Japan!
  • 3/28: Our Cherry Blossom J-Film will be My Way of Life, featuring tango singer and NCBF performer, Anna Saeki.
  • 3/26: For this year's Environmental Film Festival the JICC presents Satoyama, a village of sustainability. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough.
  • 3/14: Pictures from a Hiroshima Schoolyard tells the tale of two communities on opposite sides of a World War who exchange unexpected gifts after a horrific human tragedy, and the children's drawings that represent the legacy of one simple act of kindness.
  • 3/11: The JICC kicks off its Voices from Japan month with a screening of Joseph Krakora's Narrow Path to the Deep North.
  • 2/28: Documentary Yarubeya tells the story of Kabuki in the earthquake-affected north of Japan.
  • 2/19: Due to inclement weather, the screening of J-Film "Mitsuko Delivers" has been postponed until Wednesday, February 19th. You can register here.
  • 2/13: February's J-Film tells the inspiring story of a pregnant woman who refuses to let a run of bad luck bring her down. Come see Mitsuko Delivers!
  • 2/4: Sumie Kaneko plays the Ambassador's Residence as part of DC Jazz Festival's Fishman Young Artist Series. See photos here.
  • 1/23: J-Film and Animezing come together in Garden of Words, a contemplative and visually stunning work by director Makoto Shinkai.
  • 1/22: Karuta, a traditional Japanese game that combines photographic memory, lightning reflexes, and mastery of ancient poetry, is coming to the JICC! Special programs for schools also available from 1/30-2/14.
  • 12/24-12/25: The JICC will be closed. Happy Holidays, everyone!
  • 12/19: It's Martial Arts Night at the JICC! We will be highlighting four different traditional Japanese martial arts from schools in the D.C. area. Come watch all the action!
  • 12/17: As part of a week of martial arts at the JICC, this month's J-Film will be Shinobi, a tale of star-crossed ninjas.
  • 12/12: Young Japanese calligraphy prodigy, Sisyu, joins the JICC for a demonstration of the art of Shodo.
  • 11/27: Throughout the month of December the JICC will be accepting submissions for our Nengajo Design Contest. We look forward to seeing your best designs! Click here for rules
  • 11/22: November's J-Film will be the extremely moving Looking Up at the Half Moon, the story of young love in the face of illness.
  • 11/14: Japan’s Response to the Typhoon Damage in the Philippines
  • 11/12: Origami: A Lifelong Passion opens with a lecture by origami artists/teachers, Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander. Stay for the works of origami art on display!
  • 10/30: Tea ceremony with Urasenke Tankokai at Ippakutei!
  • 10/22: Three Masters of Shamisen will perform traditional Japanese music at the JICC. Come experience the power and beauty of the shamisen!
  • 10/18: For AIA Architecture Week the JICC will be showing Raise the Castle!, the story of a daimyo come back to life to build the castle he never finished.
  • 10/16: The JICC will once again be opening the Ippakutei Tea House and the Old Ambassador's Residence to the public for AIA's annual Architecture Week!
  • 9/30: Spring will be upon us before you know it. Sign up now to be a Goodwill Ambassador for the 2014 National Cherry Blossom Festival. Deadline: Friday, October 18th.
  • 9/26: Traditional Japanese comedy gets an English twist. Come let storyteller Katsura Sunshine make you laugh at the JICC!
  • 9/18: Welcome fall with Until the Break of Dawn, the moving story of an orphaned student and his spirit medium grandmother.
  • 8/22: UPDATE: The JICC screening of Breathing Earth has changed to Thursday, August 22nd at 6:30pm.
  • 8/21: The JICC teams up again with the Environmental Film Festival for Breathing Earth, the story of 75 year-old Japanese artist, Susumu Shingu and his quest for a wind-powered home, for his lifetime dream of Breathing Earth...
  • 7/17: The irresistible sports comedy, Ping Pong comes to the JICC as this month's J-Film. You won't believe how much a movie about ping pong can teach you about heroism!
  • 6/19: Enjoy a summer J-Film, Tug of War!, about the town of Oita and its people, who use the ancient test of strength to rebuild their local economy.
  • 6/12: As part of the 2013 EuroAsia Shorts Film Festival, the JICC will hold a screening on June 12th at 6:30pm featuring short films from Japan and Italy. Click here to learn more.
  • 5/23: The JICC, in collaboartion with JETAA and JCAW, is proud to present Live Your Dream: The Taylor Anderson Story. A special Q&A with Taylor's father, Monty's sister, and the director of the film will follow.
  • 5/18: Kids World Cinema 2013 - This year, the JICC will partner with the Mexican Cultural Institute to present six short features, including two animated Japanese films!
  • 5/14: Japan and Africa: Hand in Hand with a More Dynamic Africa opens at the JICC! The exhibit provides an informative glimpse into Japan's efforts to engage with the developing world, and its many avenues of cooperaUpon reaching the train station to death, a dejected soul is informed that he is "lucky" and will have another chance at life...tion with the international community.
  • 4/17: The JICC is proud to present the 1967 epic Samurai Rebellion for our April J-Film. Come out and enjoy a classic of Japanese cinema!
  • 3/27: Thanks to popular demand, the JICC will be offering a bonus screening of our J-Film, Hana no Ato.
  • 3/27: As part of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, the JICC will be holding a demonstration of the Japanese Tea Ceremony! Come experience this cornerstone of Japanese culture.
  • 3/23: The National Cherry Blossom Festival has kicked off in the District! Read all about the Opening Ceremony.
  • 3/19: Our new exhibit, 2011-2012 Cherry Blossom Photo Winners and Honorable Mentions, is on display at the JICC, now through April 30th
  • 3/19: Celebrate cherry blossoms at the JICC's March J-Film, Hana no Ato.
  • 3/13: The JICC and the Environmental Film Festival present the Washington, D.C. premiere of Inori, a documentary about the aging population of one remote village with stories that will feel very familiar to any audience.
  • 3/1: Come out to the JICC's first Animezing of the year, Oblivion Island, about a girl who follows a strange masked creature to a world of mystery.


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We are grateful to all of the people of the United States for your assistance and support. Please visit the main page of the Embassy of Japan for the latest updates on Great East Japan Earthquake recovery efforts. To learn how you can help, please click here.



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A Letter to Momo

With an unfinished letter written by her recently deceased father, Momo and her mother move to a remote island.  As she explores the island and makes new friends (including some goblins), Momo uncovers how the island is connected to the mysterious letter.


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