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  • 3/13: Patema, a headstrong young girl, has lived her entire life underground.  While exploring the “Danger Zone” she falls into a pit and is pulled up to the surface world where gravity is reversed.  After she is saved by a young boy, Age, the two start to uncover the truth about their worlds... “Patema Inverted” will show at the JICC on March 13!
  • 3/10: Our spring featured artist, Tokio Kuniyoshi, opens his solo exhibitition "twelve" with a lecture and reception.
  • 3/5: Professor Shujiro Urata from Waseda University will discuss the current state of the Asia-Pacific region in regards to the economic integration, including the ongoing TPP negotiations and Japan's foreign economic policy.
  • 2/27:  “The Wound and The Gift” uses the Japanese fable of “the Grateful Crane” as the narrative frame for this documentary film about animal rescue.  From wild animal sanctuaries in the U.S. to a crane village in Hokkaido, Japan, the film asks the questions: Who is saving who?  This documentary film is screening at the JICC on Friday, February 27 with a visit from special guest, director Linda Hoaglund!
  • 2/18:  In 2nd-century Rome, architect Lucius is experiencing “builder’s block” in coming up with a new bathhouse design.   While visiting a spa he is inexplicably sucked into a time-warp and ends up in modern Japan at an “onsen” (bathhouse).  In awe of the bath culture, Lucius determines to bring these innovations to his own time!  Based on the wildly popular manga and starring Hiroshi Abe, the smash-hit comedy "Thermae Romae" will be showing at the JICC on February 18!
  • 1/30: For this month's Animezing we bring the first feature film from director Makoto Shinkai, "The Place Promised in Our Early Days."  In an alternate timeline where Japan is divided by war, a mysterious tower may hold the key to resolving the conflict.  Three friends vow to uncover its secret until suddenly one of them goes missing...
  • 1/21: In “A Gentle Breeze in the Village”, Soyo, the senior student in the village school of only six, finds her world shaken up when a new boy her age, Hiromi, transfers from Tokyo. This tender coming-of-age story directed by Nobuhiro Yamashita will be screening for our J-Film at the JICC on January 21!
  • 1/5: Welcome the Year of the Sheep all month with a mini-exhibit featuring the submissions from our 2015 Nengajo Design Contest!
  • 12/29-1/2: The JICC will be closed for New Year holidays. Happy New Year, everyone!
  • 12/24-12/25: The JICC will be closed. Happy Holidays, everyone!
  • 12/17: For our J-Film this month we bring you “Chronicle of My Mother”: a moving film about the strained relationship between a mother who is losing her memory and her estranged son.  Starring Koji Yakusho, Kirin Kiki, and Aoi Miyazaki.
  • 12/10: For our Animezing this month, come join Momo as she uncovers the mysterious connection between an unfinished letter from her father and her new island home in this beautifully hand animated film A Letter to Momo!
  • 11/17: The JICC is now accepting submissions for our fifth annual Nengajo Design Contest until December 15! We look forward to seeing all your designs! Click here for rules
  • 11/21: Come and visit “Time of Eve”, a café where humans and androids are treated equally in our Animezing this month: Time of EVE: The Movie!
  • 11/19: With parts made in Japan just who is this “modern man”? Find out in our November J-Film: Robo-G!
  • 11/5: Join the JICC for an evening of fun and games, literally, as we present an introduction to the traditional game shogi!
  • 10/30: Our Animezing is “Wolf Children”: the story of a mother raising her wolf children in a rural town.  For this Halloween screening we invite guests of all ages to come in costume and trick-or-treat with the JICC!
  • 10/24: In celebration of World Origami Days, the Japan Information and Culture Center, in partnership with OrigamiUSA and Green Fuse Films, is proud to present Origami Fun Night.
  • 10/8-11/3: Submit your haiku for our haiku competition by 9am on November 3 to enter.
  • 10/15: For our J-Film this month we present the hauntingly beautiful Ugetsu: a ghost-story and fable of ambition and obsession.
  • 10/1: The JICC & the Japan-America Society of Washington DC (JASW) invite you to a moderated discussion of haiku as written in Japan and the United States.
  • 9/25: Our shodo exhibit by Koki Sugita begins with a live performance and exhibit tour.
  • 9/19: This month we head to Fukushima prefecture and meet an Aizu storyteller in the documentary film Ikitekoso!
  • 9/17: Come enjoy a panel about space exploration, with special guest, astronaut and former International Space Station (ISS) Commander Koichi Wakata!
  • 9/2-12: Join us for a week of films celebrating the beauty and culture of the Okinawan islands!
  • 8/27: Inspired by one of Japan’s most popular songs, this month’s J-Film, “Tears for You (Nada Sou Sou)” takes you to Okinawa in this touching story of two siblings.


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Regional Economic Integration Lecture

Thursday, March 5 | 5:00pm | JICC

Professor Shujiro UrataProfessor Shujiro Urata from Waseda University will examine the current state of the region in regards to the economic integration of the Asia-Pacific, including the ongoing TPP negotiations and Japan's foreign economic policy.


The Wound and the Gift

Friday, February 27 | 6:30pm | JICC

The Wound and the Gift

In “The Wound and The Gift”, director Linda Hoaglund uses the Japanese fable of “the Grateful Crane” as the narrative frame for this documentary film about animal rescue. From the U.S. to Hokkaido, Japan, the film asks the questions: Who is saving who?


Japanese Versatile Cloths

February 4 - March 6 | 9am-5pm | JICC

Japanese Versatile Cloths

Come see a collection of furoshiki and tenugui cloths and their versatile uses on display at the JICC!


Patema Inverted

Friday, March 13th | 6:30pm | JICC Auditorium

Patema Inverted

Patema has lived her entire life underground. While exploring, she falls into a hole and is pulled up into the surface world where gravity is reversed. After she is saved by a young boy, Age, the two start to uncover the truth about their worlds...



March 10 - April 30 | 9am-5pm | JICC


Celebrating his twelfth anniversary as a professional photographer, as well as recalling the importance of twelve as a symbolic number in the time, Tokio Kuniyoshi's solo exhibition "twelve" depicts the universe in twelve different ways.

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