Kakehashi Project - Building New Bridges of Friendship and Cooperation Between Japan and the United States!

In Japanese, Kakehashi means building bridges. The KAKEHASHI Project is a government-funded grassroots exchange program that brings groups of Americans to Japan for engaging, focused and customized experiences.

How It Works

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ KAKEHASHI Project identifies and selects groups of Americans ready to learn about Japan in ways that connect to their specific fields. Participant groups include students, local and national policy makers, business leaders, Congressional staffers, pop culture enthusiasts, athletes and many more.

Did You Know? There are over 5,500 Alumni in the US.
Kakehashi Experience

In partnership with cooperating organizations such as JICE (Japan International Cooperation Center), the KAKEHASHI Project creates seven to ten day trips based on each group’s interests. This ensures that each participant will meet and learn directly from Japanese counterparts who can match their experience and enthusiasm. Participants gain different perspectives and new knowledge that they can immediately apply to their given fields or classrooms.


Example Trips

Please visit JICE to read about more Kakehashi experiences!

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