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In order to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Consular Section has modified several operations and services. We are anticipating longer than usual wait times at the consular office. If your application is not urgent, then we ask you to please consider rescheduling your visit. Longer wait times are also expected when contacting us by phone or email, therefore, please also consider to contact Japan Visa Information Hotline (24/7 available).

  • Foreign nationals arriving from the United States or other designated countries/regions will be denied entry to Japan unless there are "Exceptional Circumstances." Please read “Eligibility to Enter Japan” listed below.
  • Foreign nationals who intend to visit Japan under "Exceptional Circumstances" category need to apply for a visa even if it is a short-term visit.
  • The Embassy of Japan requests that all visa applicants please call the Consular Office (TEL: 202-238-6800) before visiting to apply for a visa. *Please call again later if a staff member is unable to respond to your call the first time.
Contact List
  • For inquiries about the Entry Visa, please contact the Embassy / Consulate of Japan which has jurisdiction over your residential address. At the Embassy of Japan in Washington, D.C., we ONLY accept visa applications from DC, MD, and VA residents.
  • For inquiries on Re-entry Permit/Special Re-entry Permit, Status of Residence or Certificate of Eligibility:
    • Information Center: TEL +81-570-013904 (The Immigration Services Agency of Japan)
  • For inquiries on Quarantine Measures:
    • Hotline: TEL +81-3-3595-2176 (The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan)

Who needs a visa?

  • A visa is NOT necessary for US passport holders visiting Japan for a short-term stay of less than 90 days with the purpose of tourism and business. *
  • *Please note that the visa waiver arrangement with the United States does NOT apply to U.S. individuals wishing to travel to Japan for news media related activities, attending depositions taken by U.S. Consul, or for U.S. Federal Government employees on official business or transit to/from official mission
  • List of Nationals and Citizens of Countries and Regions with Reciprocal Visa Exemption Arrangements with Japan
  • Please note that in principle we do not accept an application from B-1 and B-2 U.S. visa status holders.
  • You must be a resident of DC, VA, or MD in order to apply for a visa through the Embassy in DC.
  • To check the location of the Embassy/Consulate-General with jurisdiction over your place of residence, please click here.
  • As a general rule, the visa applicant should come to the Embassy in person with the exception of applications submitted for diplomatic/official passport holders through a representative of their organization. The Embassy will NOT accept any applications by mail.
  • If the applicant is unable to visit the Embassy in person, he/she may authorize a proxy. To authorize a proxy, the applicant MUST fill out an authorization form and have the proxy submit the original of this form to the Embassy along with the other necessary documents at the time of application.

1. Hours

Application drop-off: 9:15am to12:30pm (Arrive 30min before to process)

Visa pick-up: 1:30pm to 4:30pm

2. Processing Time

*Please note that under covid-19 restrictions visa applications require consultation with our headquarters in Tokyo and may take up to one month to issue.

3. Visa Fee

Type of Visa Fees (APR 1, 2021 – MAR 31, 2022) Fees (APR 1, 2020 – MAR 31, 2021)
Single entry visa $28 $27
Double and Multiple entry visa $56 $55
Transit visa $6 $6
Indian Passport Holder Single, Double, and Multiple entry visa $8 $8
Transit visa $1 $1
Extension of Re-entry Permit $28 $27

Visa Fee Exempt Countries

* US citizens are exempt from visa fees.

* Payment is due at the time of PICKUP. We accept CASH only. We DO NOT accept personal checks and credit cards.

* Visa fees are revised each year on April 1st.

4. Visa Validity

  • In general, a visa is only valid for one entry. A visa is valid for 3 months from the day of issuance. Therefore, entry into Japan should occur within this time frame.
  • A Multiple entry visa is valid for 1 to 5 years. Mulitiple entry visas can be issued to citizens of countries that Japan has bilateral agreements with and to visitors with business purposes.
  • A Double-Entry Transit visa is valid for 4 months and can be used twice (once on the way to your destination and once on the return trip) to complete a round trip.

5. Application Form and Necessary Documents

Embassy/Consulate General of Japan will not make copies. If you need original documents, please bring the original plus one copy.

  • Passport with sufficient validity date (An alien travel document must have 6 months or more validity)
  • Visa application form
  • Photo (passport size, attached to the visa application form)

Additional documents for each specific visa:

  1. Diplomatic/Official Visa
  2. Transit Visa
  3. Tourist Visa (within 90 days)
  4. Visa for visiting relatives and acquaintances (within 90 days)
  5. Visa for business, Conference/Seminar Participation, US Citizen Media, and Depositions (within 90 days)
  6. Working visa
  7. Study, Cultural Activities, and Related Visas
  8. Designated Activities Visa (Spouse of Japanese/ Permanent resident and Related Visas)

    Attention to Long-term and Medium-term Foreign Residents:

  9. Status of U.S. Forces Agreement (SOFA)

*Please note that additional documents may be required for some cases.

6. Additional Forms

7. Contact

(DC, MD, VA residents only)
Embassy of Japan in the USA
Consular Section
TEL: 202-238-6800

Visa Hotline

JAPAN VISA INFORMATION HOTLINE(24 hours/7 days a week. English only)
TEL 1-202-773-9557

* This hotline is designated for visa applicants residing in the U.S. (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)
* If you are calling from the U.S., you will be charged a domestic call fee for your call.
* This Hotline can only answer general questions regarding visas.
* The Hotline will not connect you to the Embassy Visa Office. If you need to contact the Embassy in regards to a pending visa application, please contact the Embassy directly at 202-238-6800 during office hours.

8. Other Information

Recommended Information