Consular Services

DC, MD, and VA residents only. Please visit HERE to see which Consulate-General of Japan has jurisdiction over your residential address.
You must be a resident of DC, MD or VA to apply for a visa at the Embassy of Japan in Washington, DC. Otherwise, please contact the Consulate of Japan that has jurisdiction over your residential address for any inquiries about visa services.

If the information in English differs from the information in Japanese, please rely on the Japanese pages.

New or Expired Passports, Passport Renewals, Revising Passports (for a change of name or domicile), Reporting a lost or stolen passport, Emergency travel documents, Residents in remote areas/Additional visa pages
  • Dual Nationality: If you possess Japanese and foreign nationality (dual nationality), you are required to choose one of those nationalities before you reach 22 years of age (or within two years of the day you acquired the second nationality if you acquired such nationality after the day you reached 22 years of age). If you fail to choose one nationality, you may lose your Japanese nationality.

  • Japanese nationals acquiring US citizenship: if a person with Japanese nationality wishes to acquire foreign citizenship and proceeds to naturalize, apply to acquire citizenship, or restore a lost foreign citizenship of his/her own will, then that person will lose their Japanese nationality. They will NOT be considered to have dual nationality. You must submit “Kokuseki-Soushitsu Todoke” within 3 months. (Kokuseki-Soushitsu page in Japanese)
When a Japanese national or a foreign spouse of a Japanese national dies in the U.S., either a death register form or a request of changing marriage status must be submitted within 3 months to the Government of Japan and registered to the Japanese Family Register (“Koseki”).


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